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Cloud-based genetic diagnostics to accelerate laboratory workflows and enhance patient care.

One turnkey solution for all clinical NGS applications


The varvis® genomics platform is a complete solution for clinical diagnostics, supporting NGS raw data processing, genomics data management, and variant interpretation. Automated CNV and SNV analysis are clinically validated and completely integrated into the NGS workflow.

varvis genomics platform - Bioinformatics pipeline


Automated. Validated. Fast.

varfeed® automates the processing of raw next-generation sequencing data from bcl, fastq or bam files. It performs all bioinformatics, including alignment and clinically validated CNV/SNV/Indel variant calling. All results are handed over to varvis® automatically. Pipeline validation is provided as a service – updates are included.

varvis genomics software

varvis® genomics software

Made for use in clinical diagnostics

varvis® is a clinical decision support system (CDS) and allows you to review, filter, and classify genetic variants. In addition, varvis® is your own comprehensive variant database. It supports the clinical decision-making process and is a registered CE-IVD device according to directive 98/79/EC.

varvis genomics platform - Annotation


Always up to date

allexes® provides the data for variant annotation to varvis®. allexes® does not only deliver the most recent versions of public databases, but also provides access to aggregated genomic reference data from all our users compliant with HIPAA and EU regulations.

Key benefits

Automated QC

Important quality metrics are monitored automatically for every single NGS sample, but also across batches over time. Don't waste a moment on manual QC.

Push the button

Convenient filtering options such as inheritance filters and virtual panels allow you to filter from thousands of detected SNVs and CNVs. Within seconds.

80% savings

Our clinically validated CNV analysis provides significant time and cost savings compared to ligation based CNV detection methods.

Overnight express

No matter how many samples or how many sequencing runs you have: our fully automated process delivers results overnight. Guaranteed.

Use cases

varvis genomics platform use case - NGS panels

NGS panels

Identify rare and causative SNV and CNV in a single validated process and replace conventional PCR-based methods.

varvis genomics platform use case - whole exome sequencing

Whole exome

Do you need more than 15 minutes to interpret a whole exome? Accelerate WES interpretation by combining phenotype, family and inheritance information.

varvis genomics platform use case - cancer diagnostics

Liquid biopsy

Detect somatic variants with validated high sensitivity using state-of-the-art molecular barcoding technologies.


The varvis® SARS-CoV-2 service minimizes the need for manual interaction and produces reports suitable for national agencies.

See for yourself how varvis® can accelerate your laboratory workflows and increase your diagnostic yield.

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